Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beauty Vloggers

It has always been highly entertaining to me to watch beauty videos on Youtube. I've probably watched hundreds of videos by now. I think i watched many before stumbling on fafinettex or fafinettex3 on youtube. I love to watch people transform their looks from natural before to these dramatic afters with full lashes and lipstick. My original routine was just original bare minerals, mineral veil and sometimes mascara and some rosebud salve in strawberry. I always wanted to use bare minerals warmth but it was practically the same shade as my skin so i gave it away to someone who actually could use the color. Eventually I realized have a great even canvas was great but it just seemed something was missing, so i ventured into blush. I can say i attempt a few misses (never really my room luckily).

So what did i learn back then?

1. It's difficult to find that great base foundation but once you have don't look back and don't settle until it's right.

2. Less is more so take things one at a time, if you not sure don't be afraid to be inspired by youtube beauties!

What have i learned now?

1. A lot of youtube beauties are true artists but my personal style does not include painting my face on.

2. There has been a dramatic increase in influential beauty vloggers accepting products some are great about disclosing and others not so much.

3. There are some great GREAT make up artists!

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