Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Skin Care // The basics

From left to right

1. CVS Acne Treatment Gel (10%  Benzoyl Peroxide) 2. Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask to clear pores 3. Target's UP&UP oil free acne wash with Salicylic Acid 4. Clinique Liquid facial soap

1. My last dermatologist recommended i use this product with the 10% active ingredient for spot treatment and i would have to say it's made a huge improvement in fighting acne spots. I use this applying with a q-tip on spots and anything that looks like it wants to be an acne spot. It even fights cystic 

2. This origins mask was recommended by Belle who writes Capitol Hill Style, and she was right. This mask pulls up anything chilling in your pores waiting to strike. I just love this mask.

3. My new dermatologist gave me the Neutrogena oil free wash samples on my first visit and told me to use it as my cleanser and only lay off if my skin got too dry. But the real piece of advice worth that copay was this has to sit and soak into your skin. He told me patients often apply treatments and rinse almost as soon as they have covered their face. He said let this sit for between 3-4 minutes before washing it away so the medication gets into my skin. Great advice, i just choose the UP&UP brand because it was two dollars cheaper and had identical ingredients to Neutrogena. 

4. Clinique liquid face soap from the three step treatment, it's a gentle cleanser that i notice a difference in my skin after use. I can use it to remove Bare Minerals or my Smashbox foundation everything but mascara. I was using the Bare Minerals skin care but i found it to be too gentle when i needed it to the most to fight acne. This Clinique soap is good when skin is behaving or when i'm putting the Oil free acne soap on my problem areas and the rest of my skin is dried out.

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