Friday, April 4, 2014

Review: Maybelline Color Elixir

 Maybelline New York Color Elixir ($6.99)

I spotted this product at Target waiting for a prescription refill, and was instantly memorized by this lipstick in that clear tube (shiny). I nervously picked a color, not many drugstore brands make great colored lip products that compliment by skin tone. I got home and was distressed to see it wasn't a lipstick and that i had judged it by its packaging. So i wasn't expecting to be so impressed by the color pay off, build ability, scent, applicator and longevity. The product also fades and leaves a little bit of color after the gloss has worn off and feels like a lip balm. This compares well with my Bare Minerals Moxie lip glosses that had been by go to products. Those are approximately $18 so this is great for a budget buy or even if you wanted to collect all. Maybelline produces about twenty shades and they are in nearly every color you could ask for (red, mauve, pink, neutral, orange/coral).

Scent: While it does have a scent, i would guess it smells lightly like honeysuckle. I can't smell it except when i pull the applicator out from the tube.
Texture: smooth and color builds
Color: I have 065 caramel infused, 070 spice, 025 mauve mystique, 
Use: one swipe gives a good color pay off enough to cover your natural lip color much like a lipstick
Repurchase: Yes, this is cheapest at Target and Walmart, about 8.99 or more at Ulta and CVS