Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: Yes to Blueberries Firming Eye Treatment

Review// Yes to Blueberries Eye firming treatment ($17.99)

I decided to give this a try when i noticed it on deep clearance at Target. I picked up for a steal (8.98) and the box was worn a bit but it hadn't been tested. I decided to adopt Lisa Eldridge's philosophy that every product i use on my face should have a purpose.

Boy has this made a difference, i noticed the under eye area to be a lot less puffy when i wake in the morning and after coming home from work. I believe i have seen an improvement in the fine lines i was developing, so that is a huge plus. It's very gentle with no reaction from my skin, and none from my eyes. I'm very hesitant about products getting into my eyes, i love wearing contacts and i'd hate to have to wear glasses because of one of these creams irritating my eyes. I'm going to commit to continuing to this use product to care for my skin. I would however like to hopefully repurchase on sale or with a coupon perhaps from Ulta or a good deal online. You do get 1 oz of product so i'm hoping this lasts maybe six months to one year and it will not expire in that time frame.

Scent: light blueberries (nothing strong i don't care for blueberries)
Texture: light moisturizing
Color: white but this will be transparent once on your face
Use: Twice daily applied to the eye area
Repurchase: Certainly, i believe with a combination of sunscreen I can really hold lines at bay.

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