Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My desk

Desk Organization

Why did i start here?

My desk is generally the very last place I pick up in my room. It ends up with a lot of extra belongings that aren't quite appropriate. These items aren't related to my computer or letter writing, bill sorting etc. My desk is the one piece of furniture that's moved the most in my bedroom. Maybe one day if i have a studio my desk have a spot far away from my sleeping area.

Do i have to?

On my first attempt I moved a few items to their home, and but really I shuffled what was there around. I started from scratch again, and reminded myself what i keep wishing for in a desk. Just a little place for my paper, mail, letters, and computer. I shouldn't put off backing up my computer or signing a card there because i don't have the desk space. 

I even contemplated procrastinating by buying a new desk online or in person. In reality I like my desk, it's a bit damaged but it has most of the components i want. My only true want is a small file cabinet to keep my files.

The good and bad pictures!

To be very honest this took me most of the day to do. I'm easily distracted. My graphics are cheesy... i'm a novice of Pixelmator (similar to Photoshop Elements)!

There was just no excuse for this mess...

 Wait, what was the point of this exercise? Right, organize...

I should sort through this nonsense now. The hutch was looking good.

Nearly perfect, just what i needed!

Comments? Suggestions?

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