Monday, July 7, 2014

Lifestyle: Apartments


There are a handful of things I wish I had considered when choosing my apartment. First let me say i selected the first floor to select the larger of the two apartments i could afford. The first floor apartment offered a larger apartment, in addition to a door on the bedroom. The smaller unit (was a studio with a cut out for a bedroom) had no window or door to the sleeping space. I considered hanging a curtain so i could darker the doorway but in the end i knew i preferred to shut my bedroom door and lock it, that would allow me to sleep easy.

What i didn't know and now will do going forward was my apartment would have a door to an open patio space in my bedroom and living room. This caused me MUCH stress for the first eight months. There were other factors that contributed to my distress but i would never choose this style again! I would rather have no outdoor space and a smaller unit.

A few other things....

1. Does your unit face a street that will loud? 
2. If you are facing the street is there a street light that will shine like the north star into your bedroom?
3. What style heating and cooling does the unit have, can you control these? I find Gas heating to be considerably cheaper than electric heating. I had my heating set to low because the unit was never warm and i depended on a space heater.
4.  Does the apartment have enough storage space for your belongings and can you live within these limits?

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